Time Travel

Tired and hungry, Sam shuffled wearily back to his small untidy flat muttering angrily to himself. It was a part of London that was covered in small heaps of unwanted rubbish; but not all of it was rubbish. . .

Sam was a middle-aged man who normally sat around in his flat smoking, drinking beer, watching TV and generally doing nothing! Today he was going on one of his rare visits to the shops to stock up on cigars and beer. And I mean, stock up (he usually got about 100 of both). Unfortunately the shop only had one bottle of beer and one pack of cigars left. That is why he was so grumpy!

As Sam was picking at the piles of rubbish, like he usually did, to see if there was anything useful he saw a strange green glint coming from near the bottom of one of the large piles. What was it? On closer inspection he found out that the glint was, in fact, a small bulb radiating a small amount of light! Surprisingly speedily he uncovered the weird object. Curiously Sam pulled a red lever…
In a whirlwind of colour he was whisked off his feet, and back to the same place! But not the same time. In this new era all the heaps of rubbish were gone. All the flats had been replaced with new high tech buildings. Suddenly he was tapped politely on the shoulder! “Err, hi funny man, where are you from?” a voice squeaked from behind him. Sam whirled round, frightened. “Whoa, no need to be scared I’m only a boy!” the voice squeaked again. It turned out to belong to a pale blue robot boy. Because Sam had never encountered many people, apart from himself, he decided to pull the lever and get back to his normal world! But his hand was pulled back by the boy, “Come and see my family.” He said very enthusiastically, “Oh and my name is Dort!” 

Sam was dragged into a strangely shaped building full of friendly faces just like Dort! “Hi.” they all said simultaneously, “Want to come and have some food?” Sam wasn’t allowed to say no, he was engulfed in a wave of robots and pulled into the house. A drink that looked like oil was thrust into his hand and some nuts and bolts were given to him. He found talking to them was really fun, so it continued like that for about 3 hours until he realized that he had to go. “Thank you for everything!” he shouted to everyone. And he really meant it. He pulled the ruby red lever that was connected to the small cube that was the time machine.    

When he got back he decided to try and get a family, a job, repaint the flat and give it a really good tidy! He also visited the robots at least once a week for the rest of his life. It was all thanks to the robots.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Brooks on 26 Feb 12 at 2:25pm | Quote this comment
Great story Hayden, good use of high level punctuation and clear plot structure. I like the fact he decided to turn his life around. You've tried to use interesting words, (engulfed, whisked, wearily) it makes the details stand out. Well done. Have you entered it in the Chris Evan's 500 word competition?
Comment 2 Comment by Hayden B on 26 Feb 12 at 4:01pm | Quote this comment
Yes I have.
Comment 3 Comment by Dylan B on 27 Feb 12 at 7:06pm | Quote this comment
Well done. :lol: :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Molly C on 04 Mar 12 at 4:17pm | Quote this comment
Hayden, I love your writing, it's brilliant ;-) . Well done

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