500 word story:stranger danger

                                                        Stranger danger
I’m Scarlett, Scarlett Moonshine an ordinary mother who lives with my two children, Susie and George, and beloved husband, Tom. I’m going to share my story when I met him in 1994.

Monday 1st January
Dear diary,
I’m writing as I’m strolling.Im in some random town.We had a fire today.I don’t have any food or water. My diary and my pen are my only possessions. I’ve lost my parents.I did not see them come out of the house. I have no clue where I’m going or what I’m looking for but I’m walking in the hope of finding life.

Tuesday 2nd January
Dear diary,
Still nothing. I think I’m in to a new town but it’s like no-one lives here.I haven’t seen a single sole, It’s like everyone’s disappeared! I’m starving not to mention thirsty.At least I know what it’s like in Africa.

Wednesday 3 rd January
Dear diary,
Still nothing, not a single sign of life but my teacher said never give up. I wish I had paid more attention in her lessons.I think I’m in the woods now.


Thursday 4 th January
Dear diary,
The most incredible thing happened today.Guess what ?There is some sign of life… I found a pair of muddy trainers laying in the mud.Tommorow I hope to find a companion so I’ll need a good night’s sleep tonight.

Friday 5th January
Dear diary,
I was correct there is a boy.with dark brown hair covering his face.He has dark patches all down his shabby clothes.There was a scratch on his swollen arm. Which he tried to hide!He had made himself a fine hut out of branches and sticks.

Saturday 6th January
Dear diary,
We started talking and I think he likes me.He said he will make me a bed out of all of the spare branches.We get on rather well.He has got loads of food. I don’t know where he gets it from. He hasn’t told me why he’s in the dark and scary woods.There is a huge rock in front of a cave which he seems to be protecting something.
Sunday 7t h January
Dear diary,
I feel awful… I went down the cave!It all started at breakfast when he told me to never to move the big rock. I had sat there all morning wondering why.But when he went out to look for some wood my curiosity got the better of me.I heaved the rock to one side.I felt so excited but scared at the same time.Shards of light covered the floor revealing a small box.I was about to open it when I heard footsteps. I quickly put the box back in its place. Then pushed the rock across and jumped onto my bed.

Monday 8 th January
Dear diary,
I feel even worse than yesterday!In the morning he showed me the cave.It looked totally different, there where decorations everywhere but no box!I’m writing as I’m walking.He is taking me to live with his family.Maybe one day he’ll tell me about the box...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Brooks on 25 Feb 12 at 7:33am | Quote this comment
Well done Abi, great effort. I like the way of setting your story as a diary.
Come on everyone else, let's see your stories. Last week to enter the BBC2 500 word competition.
Comment 2 Comment by Molly C on 07 Mar 12 at 4:32pm | Quote this comment
Great Work Abbie!

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