Mysterious Mythical Morning

On this mythical morning, Years 5 & 6 went back in time to the era of myths and legends. All over the Upper Juniors there were: amazing King Arthur's, scary Medusa's, powerful Greek God's and adventurous Robin Hood's.

All through the morning there was calligraphic writing with scribe Mrs Galvin, a myths and legends inn quiz run by Sir Mr Herring and finally a Trojan challenge overseen by Greek God Zeus Bailey. It was a great morning and everyone had a great time but what is your favourite mythical creature and why?

By Kieran, Matthew, Jonathan, Chris P, Tom and Harvie.

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Comment 1 Comment by Alfie G on 10 Jan 12 at 7:13pm | Quote this comment
My favroute Mythical creature is a Anubite because they're amazingly fast and they've got tremendous weapons ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Oliver D on 01 Feb 12 at 4:22pm | Quote this comment
Mine is a gorgon ;-)

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