Alien Survival Pod Items

Today we looked at the alien objects that were in the space capusule in the school field.

The police returned the capsule, after checking that it was safe, and we opened the capsule to see what was inside. There was a type of goo with blood in it, something that looked like a phone, and much, much more. We had to write a explanation of one of the objects, making up any details and explaning how we thought it would work. Some of us wrote about the goo and others wrote about the other things like the ailen comunicator. 

Teya, Freya and Charlotte.

What do you think the items might be?

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Comment 1 Comment by Ed M on 08 Nov 11 at 2:54pm | Quote this comment
Epic wall of fame Mr Brook's, Looks good!
Comment 2 Comment by Hal S on 08 Nov 11 at 2:56pm | Quote this comment
the laser gun looks awesome!!! 8)
Comment 3 Comment by Dylan B on 10 Nov 11 at 8:12am | Quote this comment
that laser gun looks epic!!!

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