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We only have 3 days left of persuasive writing before we move on to our next genre. So, we need to get writing! This morning we're going to practice using our visual organiser to plan and our SC to craft a high quality piece! Working in pairs, choose one of the following issues (you might agree or disagree with the title) and write a persuasive article (at least 300 words) to be published in the school newspaper:

Footballers should be paid more!
Video games should be banned!
Keeping animals in cages should be made illegal!

Type your first draft in Word, edit and improve, before pasting into the blog.


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Comment 1 Comment by Abi B on 04 Nov 11 at 10:05am | Quote this comment
Pay cut for footballers!
Why are footballers paid so much while farmers work so hard for their money? This is something that needs to stop NOW!

Firstly an average footballer gains at least £200,000 pounds each month! All they do is run around a pitch kicking a ball! They might even get paid when they lose a match! This is an outrage!

Secondly a farmer would work extremely hard looking after animals or working on fields for food to sell and only gain about £600 pounds each month! Why should farmers have this dreadful experience of money loss?

Our third and final reason is that footballers use bad language on the pitch and this may affect your children/child.For example when Wane Rooney swore to the camera and to his fans on TV.
Do you really want your children/child to use bad language?

That is why footballers should be paid less! What is your opinion?

By Abbie B and Steph F
Comment 2 Comment by Molly C on 04 Nov 11 at 10:13am | Quote this comment
VIOLENT Video Games Should Be Banned!

Do YOU agree that some video games are too violent for our young generation? Aggressive video games like HALO, Modern Warfare Two, Call of Duty and Tom Clancy Rainbow six are encouraging children to do bad things.

Our first reason for banning violent video games is small children watch their parents or older siblings play on these horrendously violent games. This makes them think that shooting and killing is fun.

Our second reason for stopping video games is that the number of crimes will rise as these violent video games carry on and young people may think that this is the right way to behave.

Our final reason for banning violent video games is that children are glued to their Xboxes or PS3s that they’re forgetting the fun things in life and not playing outside in the fresh air.

This is why we think that violent video games should be banned. DO YOU AGREE?

By Molly and Eleanor
Comment 3 Comment by Matthew T on 04 Nov 11 at 10:13am | Quote this comment
Keeping animals in cages should be made illegal.

Have you ever been to a zoo and seen the animals in their cages and ever felt sorry for them? Do you ever think that they are sad? Well we do and we think that caging animals should be illegal!

My first reason against is that lots of people don’t realise that animals have feelings, in particular the people who capture these animals. These cruel catchers mercilessly hurt these innocent, peaceful creatures just for profit. How would you like it if you were kept in a cage and longed for the outside world? It would be horrible.

Another reason against, is that animals belong in their natural habitat. Being in an enclosed space is torture for them. Would you like it if you lived in a small, compact enclosure with strangers staring at you all day long? Animals need space to run around and stretch their limbs but if they live in a small cage they will not be able to do either of these things and turn aggressive. Would you like this to happen to innocent creatures?

My final reason against is that if there was a disaster in the enclosure, the animals would not be able to escape and they would die. Do you really want innocent creatures to die because they could not escape in time? It would be sick and horrendous. Endangered animals would die and their race would die out. How would you feel if you that species of animal?

At the end of the day would you like to be stuck behind bars every single second of your life with people gawping at you? No animal would like that would they. I’m sure you’re with and against animals being cruelly kept in cages all their life. So ban keeping animals in cages!
By Matthew and Chris. (year 6)
Comment 4 Comment by Olivia T on 04 Nov 11 at 10:18am | Quote this comment
Video games should NOT be banned!

Do you think that video games should be banned?
This is some reasons why you should be for video games!

Firstly, they can be educational for kids around the world for instance Brain Academy, Reading library and Brain training.

Secondly, it would change the world’s future forever and not in a good way because for some children it’s the only thing they have got to keep them occupied.

Finally, kids under the age of 18 will resort to smoking, drinking and stealing. This is because they will have nothing else to do apart from those things, which will leave to jail and death!

We did a survey to see how many children were for and against video games. 25% voted that it was a good idea to ban video games and 75% voted that it was a bad idea to ban video games.

This is why video games should NOT be banned!

By Olivia and Libby

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