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Write a persuasive piece of writing as a comment to convince me to allow you to start new blogs.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 13 Oct 11 at 11:34am | Quote this comment
Class China, by the silence I take it that you do NOT want to be able to write your own posts?
Comment 2 Comment by abbie on 19 Oct 11 at 3:47pm | Quote this comment
i think we shoud be able to start new blogs .

because it will give us a bit more independance.
it will encourage us to use the site more and we will engoy will help us with computer skills and
lots of other things that will benifit our life.

that is why you should lety us start new blocks.
Comment 3 Comment by Tarragon N on 20 Oct 11 at 5:05pm | Quote this comment
I know I am not in class china but I want to Mr Ryan!
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Brooks on 20 Oct 11 at 8:41pm | Quote this comment
I'm not convinced yet. You need still need to persuade me to allow you to start new posts. SB

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