A Class Story.

Here is the first papragraph of a story.  Write the next paragraph and post it as a comment, after a few days I will choose the best one and add it to the story, Then you can have a go at writing the next section and so the story can keep growing.  Remember to include great words, description, complex sentences, punctuation and everything else we are always going on about.

It was the clatter of the letterbox that woke Aiden from his slumbers. Postman’s very early, he thought as he stumbled across his bedroom, arms out-stretched, feeling for the light switch. He recoiled as the bright light dazzled his dark-accustomed eyes and he had to stop for a minute while they adjusted. He slowly stumbled downstairs. An unusual envelope, he thought as he passed the front door on the way to get his breakfast.

What happened next?

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Comment 1 Comment by Teya Q on 11 Oct 11 at 1:34pm | Quote this comment
As he sat down for his breakfast he noticed that the envelope was now on the dining table, he looked on the front of the envelope and to his dismay it said, "To Aiden Stevens." As he gradually opened the package, a strange looking creature popped out, for a second he didn't know what to do… Soon Aidan was chasing this frog shaped creature: it went up the stairs: in all the rooms: back downstairs: in the lounge and back into the kitchen. Eventually, Aiden was so tired that he had a rest. Just then there was a knock at the door. Then the frog shaped creature was sitting on the table. Suddenly, his mum called to him, "Aiden, can you make me a cup of coffee?" After his brother shouted, "Aiden, get me my breakfast!" Just then his baby sister was crying and at that moment his dad yelled, "Get my breakfast!" Aiden didn’t know what to do, he ran as fast as he could and answered the door. It was his friend Brick. Brick said, "Do you want to play ...”
Comment 2 Comment by Ismay L on 11 Oct 11 at 5:51pm | Quote this comment
please tell me the end, I have to KNOW.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Brooks on 16 Oct 11 at 8:58am | Quote this comment
Good effort, Teya: I love your choices of time connectives. Can you edit it to check for punctuation and capital letters? Anyone else going to have a go at writing the next section?

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