caterpillar-butterfly poem by Andy Staines

They're here,

Class vasco have a big surprise,

Crawling around, 

Tap tap tap tap tap tap,

Eating menacingly,

Crunch chew swallow, crunch chew swallow,

Slowly they grow bigger, and in order to do that, eat,

Imagine their future,

Flap flap flap flap,

Flying through flowering meadows,

Collecting succulent sweet savoury nectar,


For them it is like us eating cake,

Must taste so nice for them,

Stop dreaming nicely,

they might be scared going into the big wide world,

measly monsters cunningly cruely creeping up on them and then...


dead spat out lying dormant waiting for monstrous measles to finish them off,

back to reality,

now building a crisp rock hard chrysalis,

tick tock tick tock tick tock,

time passing, now hatching out them waiting to dry their wings in the fiery heat of the burning red hot sun,


children and parents watching excitedly,

off the butterflys go happiness vibrating rapidly through their wings.









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