The BIG surprise! (class Vasco)

Recently, Class Vasco have anxiously been waiting for a unknown surprise!Our teacher Mrs lamb has given no clues as to what it could be and me and my friends can't wait for this fascninating announcement! we've been writting reports about a rare, endagered creature called an Axolotl, this may be our, big surprise!

It's the weekend and, sadly our surprise has not arrived:( this means that we'll have to wait till Monday to find out what we've been waiting for. Is it worth it?

Finaly, i'ts monday, our surprise has arrived! To our astonishment it, was...


Later that day, we decided to name our 10 fury freinds, we did this by calibrating, coming up with names, and voting for our top 10 favriouts! Thay were:

lettuce, midnight, hungry, greedy, penelpy, carla, wiggle, jasmine, crystle and climber

(feel free to come to Class Vasco and have a look)

by Mary

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