Basketball- How we play it.

Basketball is a very active sport, and it takes a lot of courage to play it, but to play it you need to know the rules so look no further than this next paragraph to find out more...

                        The rules of basketball

Dribling: To drible you have to only have one hand on the ball at a time unless you want to either pass or shoot. However if you do want to keep on dribling then if you do put both hands on the ball at the same time the you would get penalized for it. When you get to the end of the court subsquently you would want to score but say you knew you couldn't score then maybe you would want to pass, to learn how to pass read on to the next paragraph!

Passing: To be a key Basketball player you would definitely need to know how to pass the ball... To pass the ball you would need to know how to do a chest pass here is an image to show you.chestpass image 369

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