Team experienced cakes

Firstly, we chose our groups, then we named are team (team experience). After that we decided our jobs:

Emma was  manager, Connie was issistanced manager, Hattie and Tom were illastraters and Jo and Daisy were spokesmen as well as qulity assurace. 

We also created our moto (which is, we're the best so forget the rest). To help us decide our procude we had to carry out some market research, in order to do this we created a questionnaire which had to consist of at least 5 questions.


Following the completion of the questionnaires we looked at the data. We did a bar char and a tally chart to help us determine which enterprises were the most popular.

It was as a result of the above that we made cakes! We did this at home and sold them for 10p each. The next day we set up our stools and started selling. Lots of children (and teachers) came to our cake stall, in the end all of the cake ran out and we raised £26.75 as a class for the chariaty - Rory's well.

We have really enjoyed this week and we can't wait to find out who will be hired (and fired) tomorrow! 

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Comment 1 Comment by Miss Gleeson on 17 Jul 14 at 7:42pm | Quote this comment
Well done Daisy (and team!)

All will be revealed tomorrow :-)

Remember to gain those gold coins!

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