In maths we where recreating junior apprentice. 

day 1

today we made a group of 6: Emma,Jo,Connie, Daisy, Hattie,Tom .after that we etablished our roles.we could choose out of:

  • manerger
  • assistant manerger
  • spokesperson
  • quallity assurance
  • illerstrtor x2

day 2

The next day we decided what produced we were going to make. Then we created a questionnaire about cakes, then during break we asked a few of the year 5/6 pupils.

day 3

today we converted all our data into facts,percentages,graphs. This helped us to find out what was the most popular.

day 4

Today we sold our products that we had made over the week (cakes) surprisingly we raised £12.15, as a class we decided to donate our money to Rory's Well.

we hoped you enjoyed our cakes! :)

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