Language Fun

Year 5 were very fortunate to spend the morning down at KLB, where Year 10 taught them a variety of languages. Throughout the morning, children learnt elements of: Chinese, Japenese, Spanish, French and German.

To help them learn, children were taught in a variety of ways: singing, painting and games. Lots of smiles and team work made for a great morning- well done to you all!

Can you tell us what your favourite bit of the morning was? (not including the pizza!)

Miss Gleeson

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Comment 1 Comment by Julia M on 20 Jun 14 at 11:31am | Quote this comment
It was realy fun , I learnt loads of languages that I wanted to know ages ago! My favourite person was Seb because he was french and we had a french conversation! When it was time to go home, I slept all through the night! :zzz
Comment 2 Comment by Rachel W on 20 Jun 14 at 11:47am | Quote this comment
I thought the day was really fun and that i enjoyed learning lots of different languages.My favorite part was when i learn't janpanize.We learnt animals then playes games and did a word search.The girls were really nice and paitent.They gave us all sweets if we won games.Everyone got some.Over all it was an amazing day and i enjoyed it all :-)

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