Down by the river

Today, we ventured down to the river to carry out a few observations.

During the week, Class Vasco have been busy demonstrating their creativity. They have spent the week: planning, designing and creating their boats to take down to the river to test. They were set a couple of different challenges:

1. The boat had to be aesthetically pleasing (creative and colourful)

2. The boat had to be able to travel 10m (minimum) holding a weight.

I am sure you're all very happy with your efforts as you all managed to achieve the above. In addition, you all showed respect towards each others models and it was a pleasure to see you all working as a team!  Well done Class Vasco :)

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 Can anyone from Vasco tell the school:

1. why you chose certain materials?

2. What do we mean by the cross section of the river?

3. How did we plot/draw the cross section of the river bed? 

and most importantly, did you enjoy yourselves?

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you all on Monday to reveal the winners of each category!

Miss Gleeson


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Comment 1 Comment by Bradley W on 16 Jun 14 at 1:31pm | Quote this comment
we choose a milk carten because it's waterproof. Also, when you turn it on its side it looks like a boat and the draft went around the boat and the current helped the boat go faster because the current was going down the stream. We also used some flags to help us decorate our boat and make it more colourful.

I really enjoyed myself when Class Vasco went down to the river. I would really want to do it again :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Daisy T on 17 Jun 14 at 8:04pm | Quote this comment
We chose a plactic fruit carton for our boat because it was a stable base .Our boat hit the edge of the stream and twisted around slightly but then our boat carryed on sailing untill it reached the finish.Also we used some newspaper to make the point on our boat,then we covered it in duct tape and found it work better with the point.

I liked going down to the stream and watching our boats float in I would like to go down again.:lol:

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