How a car works

It is amazing to think that just 1 idea in 1 mans head spred across the whole world to make an invention : a car. There are different types of cars for incompatibility terrain. But there is one thing a car needs to have which is an engine...



Engines are placed into a car for it to work. They can be different types of engines for racing cars, family cars , offroad cars and much more. Most engines are used from Follisal fuel or deisal or unleaded.When the switch of the engine turned on, it then allows the follisal fuel/petrol to get heated up and reaady to go.



Brakes have a huge amount of friction in. When the brakes are needed, the rubber wheels start to slow down till they come to a halt. Friction will help the car to stop because the engine will have stopped ( or running) si it cant allow the car to keep moving, therefor it takes more force to push the car along.



Did you know that their are airbags or lights built in your car? Airbags are used to stop you smaking your head on the seat infront of you ( if you have a accident) They are filled with air so if you land o it it would be like a soft cushion. Seatbelts are used to keep you on your seat incase you go flying of your chair if you have an accident. They are built in every car for saftey even golf cars.



Gears are used to help a car to get up different terrains. For example if you were to drive up a step hill you you would be in 1st gear.There are up to 5 gears (can be more) in cars. A gear stick is used to control the gears. It is on your left and next to your radio.



Wheels are rubber spheres that have a circle in and are attached to the bottom of the car.If it happens to get deflated,cars often carry a new one in the boot.If a deflated wheel replaced with a new one, the deflated one can go in the new ones place of the new wheel. If you happen to have no spare wheel,you can phone up a service to carry your car to the petrol staion and then you will have to pay.



Lights are built in the car to help the driver see in the dark when he/she is driving.There are also meerekat eyes on the road so when you shine your car lights on them they reflect back the light wich can then guide you around. When you are turning a corner, there is a luminous sign so when you shne your lights on it, you will be able to see the sign



As a whole,there are different uses of cars such as racing cars offroad cars and family cars and many more. They are all around the world because of this 1 idea in 1 mans head.If he didnt think of the idea cars then still today we could be travalling on animals or bikes!




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Comment 1 Comment by Miss Gleeson on 02 Feb 14 at 1:59pm | Quote this comment
WOW! A fantastic explanation text Julia :-)

Where you talk about 'brakes having a lot of friction in them' ... think about what we talked about in class; what is needed to generate/make friction? How many surfaces did we say? I wonder if anyone can help you at all?

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