Through the weeks class vasco have learning about explanations here is mine try and guess what it is about.

First of all take the animals out of thier hutch and put them into a sucure cage so the do not manage to escape.Take all of the dirty hay and put it into a rubbish bag then wipe down the suface of the animals hutch; if you do not it will get all manky and bakteria will appear.

Soon reapply some clean hay and if you want to put a carrot in then do put the food bowls with some food in. Give the animals some clean water in some bottles that are for animals that live in cages.Take the animals out and gently place them into their home close the lid.

If you do not feed the animals then they will die of starvation and if there is no water in thier bottles then always reapply it.




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Comment 1 Comment by Miss Gleeson on 26 Jan 14 at 12:23pm | Quote this comment
You have included many features of an explanation text, including the use of the passive voice. Well done Charlie!


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