Callum's Spaghetti Tower

Callum Pearce - 2m Tower Great Tower, Callum. The spaghetti at the base seems to be starting to bow because of all the forces: I don't think you could have got much higher with this design. Has anyone beaten 2m?

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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy B on 12 Apr 13 at 11:37am | Quote this comment
Well done Callum!! How did you do that?? Amazing!! :lol: 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 13 Apr 13 at 9:10pm | Quote this comment
Astounding Callum! I'm confident that you'd beat me with that effort. Well done!
Comment 3 Comment by Joseph M on 15 Apr 13 at 7:12am | Quote this comment
great tower callum? :lol:

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