Homework - 21 st December

For literacy homework over Christmas, you need to write a mini story (100 words maximum) that tells the what happened next. Choose just one of the images below and enjoy writing a story drawing on all the different learning we have done about fiction. Whilst you are interweaving action and description (maybe even some dialogue if you have space) consider the following layered targets from last week:

Bronze - Use similes in our stories to enhance descritption

Silver - Use metaphors effectively in our stories

Gold - Use metaphors and continue the theme in our stories. (e.g. Sarah was a social butterfly. Fluttering from person to person she soon knew everyone's name)

(p.s.  A number of children still have last week's homework to do! Please catch up over Christmas.)

Thank you Mr Stanton, for letting me copy this homework idea.


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Comment 1 Comment by Hannah D on 21 Dec 12 at 4:51pm | Quote this comment
Panting and panting he quickly ran and jumped of the old rusty roof.
His friends surrounding him not being able to watch, to see if he makes
The most incredible dare. He's falling and falling is hair blowing
About everywhere his friends covering their eyes. He landed but suddenly
He bounces will he make it?.... He makes it, he bounces and bounces but lands safely.
His friends gather around congratulating him showing their appreciation on the
Worlds greatest dare.
Comment 2 Comment by Elizabeth F on 21 Dec 12 at 8:03pm | Quote this comment
He got closer and closer as he was dared by his friend to jump of this height like bilding.
It must have been frezzzzing for him because he only had summer shouters on and the wind was bitter cold. As he desened in to the ice cold water and then swam shivering to the side of his friends pool.
Comment 3 Comment by Dylan B on 23 Dec 12 at 9:03am | Quote this comment
Getting closer and closer to the edge of the rusty crumbling roof suddenly he jumped.
His friends were looking stared as he was falling it was tense his friends were
thinking is he going to land in the pool or is he going to crash on the concrete...
Comment 4 Comment by Archie D on 23 Dec 12 at 5:11pm | Quote this comment
Three girls decided to go on a boat ride with their pet cat mogg. Sarah ,the youngest of them all, hates boats so her two sisters comfort her, however they forgot about mogg! The Black and white cat flies off the boat and into the water. The girls scream as the oldest jumps in to save the cat and brings it back to safety. "Mogg, are you alright?" asked Sarah.” Meow" said Mogg. "I’m never going on a boat again!" shouted Sarah. The other two just laughed and they all went home to a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate.
Comment 5 Comment by Joseph M on 28 Dec 12 at 2:18pm | Quote this comment
Three girls decided to go on a boat trip with the cat Tuffy. Hannah the youngest hates boat trips so she was a bit scared but her sisters said "It will be okay," so Hannah sat next to Rebecca the oldest of them all. As the boat started Tuffy jumped of the boat then Rebecca jumped to save Tuffy and splashed into the water Rebecca loved Tuffy so much she said "Are you okay," asked Rebecca. "Meow" said Tuffy but eveyone was so cold that they went home and had a nice cup of hot chocolate.
Comment 6 Comment by Callum P on 29 Dec 12 at 11:17am | Quote this comment
The looney man jumped off the roof of the house towards the pool which was small. He thought it was a good idea when he looked down at the pool from the roof but he changed his mind in midair -it was to late NOW. Will he make it or will he die!
Comment 7 Comment by Abigail H on 31 Dec 12 at 2:27pm | Quote this comment
As the three girls, Charlotte, Megan and Chloe, rowed out further towards the end of the lake , it began to get rough. Soon a strong gust of wind blew the dingy across the water. Chloe bounced up, dropping her cat, Rufus onto the side of the boat as he clung on for his life. Rufus’s claws were digging in further and air escaped from it. Then the boat flew of at top speed crashing into the middle of the gigantic lake and getting stuck with a massive hole in the side of the boat. Would someone bring them back to land?
Comment 8 Comment by Eliza B on 02 Jan 13 at 11:35am | Quote this comment
It seemed as if a crazy man in black shorts had jumped of the building and was about to land in the small pool .But the way he came down, in a gentel, floaty way instead of falling quickly .Someone screamed and ran inside for cover. The man was laghing and he was shouting something about a handgliger having a hole in it .Then someone laughed and spoke "he said that his handglider had a hole and is going to have to land in this garden".
Comment 9 Comment by Dillon E on 02 Jan 13 at 1:36pm | Quote this comment
The man was staring at the height of the bungalow from the old,rusty,roof of the bungalow wondering if it was a good or bad idea to jump of the roof.Finally after a long and hard wait he jumped of the roof aiming for the pool. As quick as flash the man jumped and disaster struck...
Comment 10 Comment by Millie on 03 Jan 13 at 3:50pm | Quote this comment
The man look down at the tiny pool ,he was shaking nervously. The people down below worried about him. He closed his eyes because of the burning sun on his body.He shuffled as slow as he could to the ridge of the roof, he leaped off the roof and a tile flinged off the top ,as his feet left the ground he didn't
Want to do it but there was no turning
Back now what happened next ?
Comment 11 Comment by Rufus S on 04 Jan 13 at 7:37am | Quote this comment
The man leaped as high as he could hoping not to get badly wounded. The roof that the man jumped off was sky high and the man was dared by his best friend, Steve to jump off this terrifying thing. The man's name, Fred, was praying not to die while he was in the air. Fred could not disagree with this now as he is in the air. He suddenly felt dead, but he had not hit the concrete floor yet. "No Fred!" Said one of his friends.
"Oh no..." Said Steve. "We need an ambulance!" Said another friend trembling.
Comment 12 Comment by Oliver H on 04 Jan 13 at 5:20pm | Quote this comment
Running and running, the man was about to jump off an old crumbling roof and dive into a very small but deep swimming pool. Will he make it? His friends waiting down there to cheer him on. For some it was too tense to watch, covering their eyes in fear and worry. Now he is in the air falling and falling and in a split second, splash, he is dripping with water, his friends are wet and he is celebrating with relief. Glad but shaking the man was never ever ever going to do that again...
Comment 13 Comment by Poppy F on 05 Jan 13 at 5:07pm | Quote this comment
Charlotte and her friend Jess were entered for a cheerleading competition,she was very scared the same as Jess, but they new they would be ok. Charlotte new she had to rely on the rest of her group.They eventually leaped backwards in to their teams arms.

And guess what, they won!
Comment 14 Comment by Rachel H on 05 Jan 13 at 8:25pm | Quote this comment
Standing on the high, old ,and rusty roof the man was so brave he whent for the terifing dare he got from his friends loking from up on the roof it loked very high. Onthe count of 3 his friends said go and suddenly, it has a safe landing he bounces on a trampoline and makes the dare sucssecfuly .
Comment 15 Comment by Peggy Sue P on 06 Jan 13 at 12:06pm | Quote this comment
29th May it’s the big day. All my friends from the gym club are doing their best. It was the final twist jump of the senior gym torment. (That twist jump definitely wowed the judges) The results were in we got told that they are getting read out on the 5th June. They where so eager to find out who had won that they sneaked into gym hall and opened the shinny envelope it’s the moment of truth... they had won! Suddenly the cleaner came in and spotted the girls with the envelope, they were banned from gym for the week.
Comment 16 Comment by Ellie K on 06 Jan 13 at 5:32pm | Quote this comment
Tom jumped of the roof thinking that he was a butterfly but landing in the pool with a gargantuan SPLASH! everybody else thought that he was more of a brick! As they scrambled like a bucket full of crabs Tom bellowed with laughter, “Bombed ya!! Bombed ya!!” Clambering out he realised that his mates were sniggering and snorting like a troop of monkeys behind him. As he turned around he noticed to his growing embarrassment that his Hawaiian swimming shorts were floating on the surface. Red as a beetroot he grabbed his towel, cocooned himself in it and hurried off inside.
Comment 17 Comment by Felix S on 06 Jan 13 at 6:41pm | Quote this comment
One blistering hot summers day,a man and his friends where at the awesome pool party. In a crazy idea they decided to drop like a bomb from the roof, off the posh bungalow balcony.The first friend with his heart pumping with excitement and fear leapt into the air towards the glistening, cooling pool...
He landed with a colossal splash, then took a huge sigh of relief!
Comment 18 Comment by Ralph H on 07 Jan 13 at 9:22am | Quote this comment
The man slowly and carefully tip end toed to the of the roof. He stared at the small pool he was about to jump to. He had been training for months for this jump. The man was thinking beginning to change his mind should I do the jump. Then a thought came to his mind that this jump was possible a jump from a slippery roof to a deep pool. He gently stepped on to the cracked tile it smashed and the man slipped “aarrhh” the man screamed he got back up. Took a deep breath back and leaped of the roof!
Comment 19 Comment by George T on 07 Jan 13 at 10:24am | Quote this comment
So dad was in hospital on his birthday! He felt as fed up as a cat in the rain. This wasn't how he had planned to spend his special day. He would be so happy if the doctor came in and said that he could go home, just for today. But that didn't happen. He couldn't even see his family on his special night.
Mum had organised a surprise birthday party for him. All his friends were there, the sun was shining and everyone was in their shorts and t shirts. It was all fine and till dad thought he could fly like a bird.
Comment 20 Comment by William H on 07 Jan 13 at 12:05pm | Quote this comment
Megan, Julie and Ellie had agreed that they would save their pocket money to get tickets for a boat ride and they agreed they would take Annabelle (their cat) with them, this was rather unfortunate for Annabelle as during the boat ride Annabelle was flung off of the boat and died.
Comment 21 Comment by Iris A on 08 Jan 13 at 8:24am | Quote this comment
Suddenly, the dinghy smashed back into the sea, the impact was so colossal that the plastic dinghy's left side split with pressure! The air came gushing out! Quickly, the girls leapt out of the boat and swam frantically to shore.
Comment 22 Comment by Lucy B on 08 Jan 13 at 12:51pm | Quote this comment
Amy, Micky, Megan and Scarlet the cat saw a sign with red writting on it. It said: Boat Trips £5.00. Scarlet gave a grumpy whine wishing not to go on the boat trip. "Let's go!" cried Amy excited. When they came to the bright yellow boat they clambered into it and then put on their life jacket on. "Be careful girls!" shouted the hairy man clutching the £5.00 note. Suddenly a great wave approched to the girls and Scarlet. Amy Micky and Lauren seized their hands around the handles but poor old Scarlet flung into the freezing deep water...
Comment 23 Comment by Gwen T on 08 Jan 13 at 6:06pm | Quote this comment
standing on the old , broken house was the man but not a any normel man it was a brave one.Bob and Tom
was waiting for him to jump.But the brave man was not brave at all he was shocked.Because he had to jump really high! Then he was ready to jump so he gently walked bacK.Then he did a big run but when he was go to jump he stopped.Then Bob and Tom shouted " ARE GOING TO JUMP OR NOT!" then the man said "yes" in a shake voice.Now he was ready to jump so he did a run up then he JUMP! and did you know what happend? he was squashed flat and he was in hospital.

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