Historic Stories

Just marking this week's historic fiction, and some amazing writing from lots of you.  Well done.  Thought I'd share Nelly's first couple of paragraphs with you.  I love the deliberate repetition of "He" before we finally get his name at the end of the paragragh.

He stood silently, looking  at the door. With a slow creaking sound, he pushed it open and, taking a deep breath, walked inside.  He loved the sound of chanting and screaming. It was music to his ears. It was why he did this job, because of the praise. And money.

He smiled slyly as the first “witches” came on, swollen faces hung shamefully. They knew that in the end they would be hung on the gallows, burnt on the stake or drowned. The horse drawn cart stopped in front of him. He knew the ending all too well.  After all, he was Judge Williams.

Hope to get children to type some more in next week.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 07 Dec 12 at 9:27pm | Quote this comment
Wow, Nelly! Big things happening in Class China.

Like Mr Brooks, I love the suspense you create using the pronoun 'he' as well as the short sentences used for effect: "And money."

Brilliant work, Nelly. Please could we see more? A chapter maybe?

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