Big Pit

Great trip to Big Pit today.  Children all well behaved. Children can you blog a recount about our day out, please and add as a comment.


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Comment 1 Comment by George T on 07 Nov 12 at 4:57pm | Quote this comment
the trip was realy fun and i hope we go again.

george 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Joseph M on 08 Nov 12 at 8:57pm | Quote this comment
The trip was really good because the fake mine gave us lots of info and power points and the on the tv told us what life in the mine and like the gear. I wish i could go again soon. :-*
Comment 3 Comment by Lucy B on 12 Nov 12 at 5:19pm | Quote this comment
That is the first school trip we have been on in year 5/6 and it was brilliant!! I wish we could go again soon!! :lol: :roll:
Comment 4 Comment by Harris B on 19 Nov 12 at 7:31pm | Quote this comment
It was awesome I had fun all the time ;-)

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