Homework 12th October

Write a list of five questions you would like to ask a character in the book you are currently reading.  Don't forget to include the title, author and character in your comment.

For example

Title: Mort

Author: Terry Pratchet

Character: Mort

Q1: Are you happy in your apprenticeship?

Q2: Are you missing your home and family?

Q3: Do you think you will live for ever?




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Comment 1 Comment by George T on 12 Oct 12 at 2:52pm | Quote this comment
Title: harry potter

author:J K Rowling

character:Ron Weasley

Q1: what is your favariot thing youve done in the books

Q2: did you have to do triles to get in for the job

Q3: if you could chouse eny character to act as who would itr be

Q4: is it hared to get all the spelles right

Q5: do you enjoi having the part of Ron Weasley
Comment 2 Comment by Callum P on 12 Oct 12 at 4:23pm | Quote this comment
Title: Captain Underpants
Author: Dav Pilkey
Character: Captain Underpants

Q1: Why do you like being Captain Underpants?

Q2: Do you wish that George & Harold hadn't hynotised you and your where still Mr Krupp?

Q3: What is your favourite vegetable?

Q4: Who is your favourite teacher and why?

Q5: If you weren't Captain Underpants, which other Super Hero would you like to be?
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Brooks on 12 Oct 12 at 6:48pm | Quote this comment
Well done for doing your homework so promptly. George, can you spot what is wrong with your questions and then edit them? (two things are missing on each one!)
Comment 4 Comment by Abigail H on 13 Oct 12 at 12:50pm | Quote this comment
Title: The Dancing Bear.

Author: Michael Morpgo.

Character: Roxanna.

Q1: Why did you want to keep the bear?

Q2: Do you like living with your granddad?

Q3: Why did you call the bear Brouno?

Q4: Do you think the bear Iiked your singing?

Q5: Was it scary protesting for the bear?
Comment 5 Comment by Ellie K on 13 Oct 12 at 1:52pm | Quote this comment
Title: Hetty Feather
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Character: Hetty

Q1: Do you ever want to know where your mother is?
Q2: Do you sometimes wish that Martha was back?
Q3: Do you ever wish that Jem was your real brother?
Q4: Did you ever marry Jem?
Q5: Did you ever want to start your life again ? :P
Comment 6 Comment by Hannah D on 13 Oct 12 at 8:22pm | Quote this comment
Title:Diary of a wimpy kid
Author:Jeff Kinney

Q1:What's it like always being picked on?

Q2:If you could what would you tell Holly Hills?

Q3:Is Rodrick really mean?

Q4:Is Fregley disgusting?

Q5: Are you always a trouble maker?
Comment 7 Comment by Poppy F on 14 Oct 12 at 5:43pm | Quote this comment
Title: The sticky witch
Author: Hilary McKay
Character: Aunt Tab

Q1: Why do you have a treacle pond?

Q2: Why do the children call you Aunt Tab?

Q3: What reason are you so bossy to the children?

Q4: How come everything in your house covered in treacle?

Q5: You look very old,how old are you?
Comment 8 Comment by Lucy D on 14 Oct 12 at 6:23pm | Quote this comment
Title:The Enchanted Wood
Author:Enid Blyton

Q1:Do you like going on the adventures?
Q2:What is it like to be walking around on your hands?
Q3:`Do you like meeting the folk of the Faraway Tree?
Q4:Do you like the Enchanted Wood?
Q5:How long are the adventures normally? ;-)
Comment 9 Comment by Iris A on 15 Oct 12 at 4:17pm | Quote this comment
Author:Louis Sachar
Character: Stanley

Q1: Who is your best friend at Camp Green Lake?

Q2: How did you feel when the gang excepted you?

Q3: At the beginning who did you perfer, Mr Sir or Mr Pendanski?

Q4: On a scale of 1 to 10 how painful is digging holes?

Q5: What did you feel like saying to the police that arrested you?
Comment 10 Comment by Elizabeth F on 15 Oct 12 at 5:06pm | Quote this comment
Author:Susan Gates.

Characters name : Liam

Q 1: Why do you want nursery rhyme land to close down?

Q 2: How did you know they where haunted trousers?

Q 3: Why does Grandad like the stuffed animals?
Comment 11 Comment by Lucy B on 15 Oct 12 at 5:32pm | Quote this comment
Title: Doctor Who (Matt Smith)
Author: Simon Nye (And lots more authors)
Character: The Doctor

Q1: How did you become a Time lord?
Q2: Do you like going on adventures?
Q3: Why is it smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside of the Tardis?
Q4: What is it like having Riversong as your wife?
Q5: Do you get annoyed with Amy and Rory sometimes? :-)
Comment 12 Comment by Eliza B on 15 Oct 12 at 6:15pm | Quote this comment
Title:The Familiars
Author:adam and andrew

Q1:do you like being a familiar?
Q2 how happy were you when you founed out you were a familiar?
Q3 how mutch do you like Skylar and Gilbert?
O4 how did you feel when kallstaf was killed
Q5 do you like the real Queen Lornella?
Comment 13 Comment by William H on 15 Oct 12 at 6:25pm | Quote this comment
Title: The well between the worlds.
Author: Sam Llewellyn
Character: Idris Limpet

Q1: Do you miss your family?
Q2: How does it feel to be a king in hiding?
Q3: How does it feel to know that the land is sinking?
Q4: What did you feel like when you were still a monster groom?
Q5: When you were drowning what did it feel like?
Comment 14 Comment by Archie D on 15 Oct 12 at 6:35pm | Quote this comment
Title: Catching Fire (second book of the hunger games)
Author:Suzanne Collins
Character:Katniss Everdeen

Q1.What dose the mokingjay really mean to you?
Q2.What was your first thought when Prim was chosen to compete?
Q3.Do you really have a conncetion with Peeta?
Q4.How did you feel when they announced you were the winner?
Q5.What is the rebellion against the Capitol really about?
Comment 15 Comment by Felix S on 16 Oct 12 at 6:10pm | Quote this comment
Title:Danny the champion of the world
Auther:Roald Dahl
Q1.Were you afraid of the keeper chatching you?
Q2. Were you scared but also exited?
Q3.Are you happy about what you did?
Q4. Did you like your dad going up to the wood without you knowing?
Q5. Do you hate your teacher
Comment 16 Comment by Oliver H on 19 Oct 12 at 5:22am | Quote this comment
Title: Ratburger
author: David Walliams

Q1. Do you like your stepmother?
Q2. How did you feel when your hamster died?
Q3. What is is like keeping a pet rat?
Q4. What did you feel like when you got suspended from school?
Q5 Was it fun teaching your hamster cool tricks.

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