Letter to Mr Clifton-Brown

Here is a copy of the letter that we have sent to

Mr Clifton-Brown, Wotton's MP. 

Dear Mr Clifton-Brown,

We are Mr Brooks’ and Mrs Galvin's class at Blue Coat Primary School, Wotton under Edge, which was founded in 1693. Our class is called Class China because the school follows the International Primary Curriculum, which means that all of the classes are named after countries.

Our topic, this half-term, is called Champions for Change and is about Governments and Parliaments around the world. We have been finding out about the work of Parliament and have also entered its Art competition to paint a picture to represent the work that Parliament does. In groups, we have formed our own political parties and have been campaigning on local issues, such as having more sports facilities in the town, developing the shopping street and improving the health of the local residents.  We are trying to convince the younger children in the school to support our “party” and are having a vote on Thursday to see who has been most effective. 

We are writing to you to ask if you would be kind enough to tell us what it is like being an MP and have prepared some questions for you?

What made you want to become an MP?

What is the best part about your job and what is the worst part about your job?

What was your first speech in Parliament about?

Have you ever agreed to a new rule but later wished that you hadn't?

What is your favourite thing you have done in Parliament?

What was your first speech in the House of Commons about?

Have you ever been forced to vote for something you didn’t believe in?

How many times do you go to Parliament each month?

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and we look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Class China
Blue Coat Primary School

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Comment 1 Comment by Elizabeth F on 10 Oct 12 at 6:35pm | Quote this comment
It is really cool learning about governments :roll:

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