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The six sons and daughters of King Lok-Tin were aged 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Being both keen on maths and eager to speak to them together, he sat them at a round table in such a way that for any two who were sitting next to each other, their ages were either one year or two years apart.  How was this possible and in how many different ways? 

What about for other numbers of children with consecutive ages?

Answers to Mr Brooks on paper - first correct solution gets a team point.

Can you write a maths puzzle for me or others to try? Comment it below - but make sure you can solve it.

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Comment 1 Comment by William H on 17 Oct 12 at 8:29am | Quote this comment
A snail goes up a 117cm wall, it goes up 9cm every day and slides down 3cm every night. How many full days does it take?

By Ben & William! :o
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Brooks on 18 Oct 12 at 8:21pm | Quote this comment
Good puzzle William and Ben. Does he get to the top on day 19? I can show you my working out at school. Does anyone else get the same or a different answer to me?

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