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Comment 1 Comment by Natasha W on 23 Mar 12 at 5:55pm | Quote this comment
i loved it :lol:

by natasha
Comment 2 Comment by Olivia B on 23 Mar 12 at 9:02pm | Quote this comment
ill tell you what , this play was great !
Comment 3 Comment by Brendan K on 24 Mar 12 at 8:43pm | Quote this comment
That was the best play this year! 8)
Comment 4 Comment by Dillon E on 25 Mar 12 at 5:23pm | Quote this comment
It was great .:D
Comment 5 Comment by Jacob N on 25 Mar 12 at 5:25pm | Quote this comment
I think it was good :lol:
Comment 6 Comment by Nelly P on 26 Mar 12 at 7:07am | Quote this comment
It was great fun! :D
Comment 7 Comment by Joseph M on 02 Apr 12 at 7:34am | Quote this comment
I liked the Music :lol:
Comment 8 Comment by Oliver D on 23 Apr 12 at 7:23pm | Quote this comment
I loved playing the part of the main pirate especially when I got to shout at Mr Ryan 8) .

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