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OOhmibackerts Aztec architects of Tenochtitlan on PhotoPeach  

On Friday we had a great time as the Aztecs of the "Oohmibackerts" tribe designing and making the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. We thought about the buildings that the city would need and then designed them in an Aztec style using the internet to research Aztec architecture.

The children had to make sure that the designs were in keeping with Aztec style to make it past the city planners. Only once their designs had been approved were they allowed to decorate their building blocks!

All the children had a great time and looked fabulous in their fancy dress outfits!

But, what i would like to know is this... What do the Aztecs have to do with chocolate?

Please write your answers in full sentences in the comments box below!

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Quoting Erin C:
Dear Mrs Loxely

The Aztecs discovered bitter cocoa beans and drank it.

love Erin

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