Today in literacy...

...We have been using the blooming butterfly for the first time, it has been very succesful and we are really enjoying it. It has been good however, in some people's opinion  it has been tricky to use. Consequently we are having to get two members of our class to make a easy to understand version of the blooming butterfly. Everyone else (apart from us) is writing a persuasive letter to Skip Walker (the editor of the Gazette) to persuade him to write an article to put in his newspaper. The layered  targets are:

Bronze: To be able to remember to use the features of letter writing VAK

Silver: As bronze applying persausive language to your letter

Gold: As silver and bronze, analyse your reasons for supporting endangered animals. Evaluate your writing and 'Up level' if necessary.


What do you think of our targets, do you think they follow the Bloom's butterfly? Comment below to give us feedback!


written by

Ellis B, Jamie S and Millie W

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