Cake sale on friday!

Class Caribbean are going to have a cake sale on Friday 12th July after school! We would love if you could come along too! Class Caribbean will be hosting the sale. We will use the money for adopting endangered animals from each classes country.

We will sell the cakes for less than £1.00 each.

by Jamie H and Lily B

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Comment 1 Comment by Jamie S on 05 Jul 13 at 1:24pm | Quote this comment
Looking forward to the cake sale yum yum!!! :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Rio T on 05 Jul 13 at 1:32pm | Quote this comment
I cant wait for the cake sale mmmm
Comment 3 Comment by James Br on 05 Jul 13 at 1:36pm | Quote this comment
Great idea! I will bring some money for sure :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Lauren C on 05 Jul 13 at 3:47pm | Quote this comment
mmm!!!! 8) :P

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