In class today we have been writing letters to all the classes to persuade them to adopt endangered animals. For example class Kenya's endangered animal is the black rhino.

Our ideas for fund raising for this cause are to have a cake sale or a non-school uniform day, we would love to hear your suggestions so please comment on our blog posts with your ideas!

I have worked out that we would have to raise £396 for every class to adopt an animal for a year so please help us to persuade Mr Ryan to support our idea.  





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Comment 1 Comment by Mrs Loxley on 02 Jul 13 at 8:25pm | Quote this comment
Wow Jamie, I am very impressed with your research! I particularly appreciate the maths involved with working out the total cost to the school for 1 years sponsorship for every class.
Comment 2 Comment by Florence on 04 Jul 13 at 3:04pm | Quote this comment
Well done Jamie! It is very clever that you managed to do all this work! I have just found out that Mr Ryan has put a tweet about the adopt the animals! I hope we make loads more progress! Keep it up. From Florence. ;-)

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