Everyone Makes Mistakes... Just Not Me

Blue Coat CEVA Priimary School

Symn Lane



GL13 7BD

28th June 2013


Dear Class Carribean,

First and foremost, I would like to both thank and congratulate you on your letters - they were greatfully received and I enjoyed reading them. 

Much of what you wrote brought a smile to my face - even a tear of pride. For example, I loved the fact that so many of you see me as a 'fashion role model'. A number of you commented on my scarves and common adjectives used to describe me included: 'cool', 'best ever', 'great', 'fair' and other similar terms. I really am very flattered.

However, it was with some concern that I discovered the purpose of your letter: to complain (or sensitively point out) that I had made a mistake in the latest newsletter. My heart melted to read that missed (or own) goals, ballet moves, maths tests and letter writing had all proved to be areas where you had all recognised personal mistakes had been made. However, as a headteacher, mistake-making is not part of my job description: we don't make mistakes. I don't make mistakes.

On entering your class earlier today, Jamie exclaimed, "Great learners make mistakes!" To that I would reply, well, "the best" learners do not

Indeed, it was Mr Clements who informed me of Grean team's victory and so the fault must lie with him. In addition, Mrs Buckley proof reeds my newsletters and she, had she been doing her job, should've picked up on this 'miscommuncation'. 

So, in conclusion, and in my defence, I would say that the error is a 'miscommunication' rather than a 'mistake'. Moreover, had Mr Clements and Mrs Buckley been doing their jobs properly then this unfortunate matter would not have come to light.

As a result, I see it only fair (as one of you described me to be) that Mr Clements and Mrs Buckley take the blame and they will be dealt with appropriately with the utmost seriousness. I welcome your suggestions in the comment box below as to what punishment you think they should receive (it might also be nice for you all to use the comments to apologise to me for your mistake in thinking that I had made a misteak?)

Your faithfully,


Mr Ryan


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Comment 1 Comment by Flo and connie on 28 Jun 13 at 1:37pm | Quote this comment
Dear Mr Ryan,
We want to say that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Even you! For example, In the letter, you had a few spelling mistakes! Please can you fix your mistake about sports day. Remember, If you agree, change it to red team! We hope you agree to this comment. Just remember, We all make mistakes! Yours sincerely, Flo and Connie. :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Ellis B on 28 Jun 13 at 1:37pm | Quote this comment
This afternoon we have been proving that the best learners make mistakes to Mr Ryan because he says that he never makes mistakes. We have been using reciprocity because we have been making posters, poems, etc, in a group. Also, we have been using collaboration for the same reason. We have been reasoning because we have been making reasons for why the best learners mistakes, in addition, we have been managing distractions, as the classroom has been quite noisy while we have been working. Also, we have been absorbed in our work, and last but not least, we have been noticing the reasons.

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