Star Achiever November 30th

Class Caribbean have been making special efforts in their star achievments over the past 3 weeks and have been very eager to share their hard work with the rest of the school. Sadly due to a very busy worship schedule we have not had a star achiever worship. I was asked by Class Caribbean to unveil my star achiever on Monday and much excitement rippled through the air as the children waited with anticipation for the star to be revealed.

 I am proud to announce that start achiever for the last few weeks is..........

 Rachel W!

Rachel has been a real star this term taking great responsibility for her learning and showing fantastic leadership skills and compassion for the other members of our class.


Well done Rachel!

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Comment 1 Comment by Zoe B on 05 Dec 12 at 7:25pm | Quote this comment
Very well done you know everybody is really proud of you and I would of picked you if I was Miss loxely so you have been very good for the last 3 weeks.

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