Class Caribbean step up to the challenge!



From September 19th Class Caribbean will be participating in an exciting health initiative designed to increase physical activity amongst children. The Global Children’s Challenge™ is a school-based programme that will challenge 180,000 students from schools all around the world to become more active and healthy.

Both students and teachers are each given a pedometer and a Step by Step booklet to record their daily activity over 50 days and work collectively as a class to be as physically active as possible. The more active the class in the ‘real world’, the further they will travel on an amazing ‘virtual’ journey around the world. Using the Global Children’s Challenge™ website as a class, they will explore different cultures, learning about the history and geography of global locations, all whilst increasing their physical activity and improving their health.

Children can login to the Global Children’s Challenge™ website and will be able to share with you our class’s virtual adventure with you at home.

A few suggestions of how you can support your children in the event include:

  • Ensuring your child is wearing their pedometer at all times, including before/after school and on weekends.
  • Ensuring your child is recording their daily step counts in the Step by Step book provided.
  • Reminding your child that their pedometer needs to be reset every morning at 9am once their previous day’s step count is noted.
  • Encouraging your child to increase their activity where possible and if it is safe to do so, such as walking together to shops or school or visiting a local park. Being more physically active together with your child will not only be setting a great example, it will also mean you are  incidentally improving your own health too.

For more information on The Global Children’s Challenge™ feel free to visit or contact myself directly.

We are looking forward to sharing our stepping success with you all!

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