Balanced discussions

This week, in literacy, we have started to learn about ‘balanced discussions.’ Today, each group performed their balanced discussions to the class. Miss Lewis and Mrs Driver were particularly impressed with a number of pupils that used excellent connectives in their debate (such as on the other hand, however and nonetheless). Great work Class Mexico!


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Comment 1 Comment by Olivia B on 23 Mar 12 at 8:53pm | Quote this comment
I remember this debate about having a class pet .
Comment 2 Comment by Brendan K on 24 Mar 12 at 8:18pm | Quote this comment
I really liked it when we did this because its was fun when we got to hear everyones acceptions
Comment 3 Comment by Lillian F on 28 Mar 12 at 8:15pm | Quote this comment
It was so fun i could do it again 8)
Comment 4 Comment by Oliver M on 29 Mar 12 at 6:41am | Quote this comment
it was good fun I really enjoyed it 8)
Comment 5 Comment by Olivia B on 31 Mar 12 at 6:16pm | Quote this comment
Comment 6 Comment by Jessica R on 15 Apr 12 at 1:00pm | Quote this comment
I remember in class caribbean we did one about class pets as well. :-)
Comment 7 Comment by Luke A on 15 Apr 12 at 4:17pm | Quote this comment
the balanced discution was realy good :lol:

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