Building a Poem

poetry imageThis week in English we have been using a simple model to create poetic phrases. We have built up a bank of adjectives; a bank of verbs and a collection of adverbs. Then using the nouns we can see in pictures we are making phrases by picking 2 adjectives, followed by a noun then adding a verb and an adverb and then a final noun or adjective noun combination.

Here are some of our efforts:

Bare, frosty trees swaying soundlessly next to the glittering river bank.

Calm, frightening trees running swiftly.

Spooky, friendly leaves laughing loudly.

Dead frozen mountains falling upon the trees.  Crashing and destroying in the dark, wild breeze.

White icy river glittering slowly in a misty blue morning sunrise.

Soft snowy mountain tops sleeping soundly.

Crooked twinkling trees swiftly moving side to side next to the river bank.

Shimmering, snowy plants bellowing loudly in a spooky forest.

Bare icy trees sprinting happily by the shimmering river.

Tall barkless trees glittering proudly on the riverside bank.

Gloomy strong mountains fighting bravely on the frozen world.

Glinting frosty trees swaying slowly in the frozen meadow.

Huge, beautiful trees sleeping peacefully in the dark night.

Shivering, peculiar people shaking rapidly among the snowy hills.

Deserted shimmering rivers sitting calmly in a snowy field.

Towering trees collapsing loudly on a frozen landscape.

Christmas snow glistens like an icicle as still  as a statue.

The next step is for us to start to find ways to pair up some of these phrases so that the endings rhyme. After that we will need to look at the rhythm of each phrase and see if we can create a poem which flows and reads well.






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