Getting to know the Drakes

                                                                                                                         My name is Elizabeth and I like doing ballet. I also like doing gym. My family are my mum my dad and my brother Joseph. I go to brownies on Wednesday. I have FUN. I have one cat called Winnie. I like skiing as well as having Nerf fights with my brother. I like to do lots of crafts at the weekends. I like playing out with my friends outside. My top favourite films are the Sound of Music and High School Musical 1/2/3. I am good at writing. I like to sing when I feel like it. My favourite teddy is a bunny and she is called Luna. My best friend is called Isabella and she is very kind to me. I have one fish called Stripe and I like to feed it. I have taken my 1st and 2nd ballet exams and I am taking my 3rd ballet exam soon. I am 8 years old and I like to watch movies with my family. I like to do piano. Soon I will be doing my prep test piano exam. My brother is 10 and he likes Lego. I like watching the DVD Frozen. I like going to school and seeing my friends. One of my teachers is called Mr Clements and my other teacher is called Mr Brooks. My mum’s car is a Mini cooper and my dad’s car is a BMW. Sometimes I like to help my family do jobs around the house. I like to go on different holidays with my family. I like it when I see my family. I like to read different types of books. I like baking cakes with my mum.  I love to play with my build a bears. My build a bear cupboard is red and blue. I like going to the park as well as going on walks in the woods and other places like that. My wall in my room is Pink and I also have a desk. I like going camping with my friends and family. My dad has a classic car which is a Spitfire. My favourite food is pasta and pizza. I have a pen licence. I do recorder on Tuesday. I like to do different types of sport.  I am good at drawing different things like animals and still life things. I like to go out and about. My favourite colours are purple and red. I like to watch CBBC. I like to speak to my family on the phone. I like to do maths even where I am. I like playing with my brother when he is nice to me.  I like to play with my Lego friends. I like finding shells on the beach with my brother. When I go to beaches I like to surf on my surf board in the sea and waves. My house is a Cream colour. I like going swimming to different places. I also go to tap lessons at the same place I do ballet. My cat is a tortoise-shell.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 29 Jan 15 at 9:12am | Quote this comment
Elizabeth - great to find out so much interesting stuff about you. But, more importantly, it's good to find this out whilst being very careful about e-safety and not giving away key personal information about yourself to others on the internet. Well done ;-)

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