Funky Kids

Funky Kids is a club based on dancing from Strictly Come Dancing and it's all about funky! Funky Kids is for our fitness topic. Everybody in Years 3 and 4 is running a club but no one is doing funky kids except us. Funky kids is really good for people who like dancing because we teach you a new routine  that we made ourselves to bang bang . We will do the warm up first then show you the routine and then we will start the funky dancing. The routine will be as funky as we can choose and we chose some very good moves. We need you to get fit! We will be helping you for your health as well. If you want to be funky at dancing well what are you wating for come now come along. Funky Kids are the best so come and join and we will push you to the test. We will make you fit so hip hip hooray! Have you decided that you are coming ? Then what are you wating for. Sign up now!

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