The Big Mess part 1

In a faraway land called the land of tidiness it was always tidy everyone was tidy except a man called MR Ruff. His house was an absolute pigsty it had things thrown all over the place and guess what he was evil he could summon trolls from anywhere at any time to do dirty deeds that he couldn’t do or was too afraid to do.

But luckily there were a large group of cleaners, detectives and robots to solve the crimes and to clean them up. One day MR Ruff decided to make a big mess so he crept along past the tidy houses until he got to the tallest building he started to climb it eventually he got to the top. He reached into his coat pockets and took out loads and loads of rubbish (he always has rubbish everywhere) and through it all over the town. Soon the town lookedreally messy. His job was done he climbed down and ran home, so not to get caught, as soon as he got there he went in locked the door and went to sleep.

As soon as he awoke he heard thudding coming from downstairs he followed it to his door. Outside his door was an angry mob of people they moaned and groaned at him shouting things like OUR LAND IS A MESS or WHY DID YOU MESS UP MY STREET? After all the complaints he was so tired he nearly fell asleep.

After he had some rest he summoned a troll and told it to use all the rubbish in his house to shoot all over the land. The troll cleaned up the house and loaded the special gun. When he had done so he fired it all over the land until the rubbish had ran out to fire. The lands people didn’t notice until the morning. They went mad they didn’t know who did it they thought it might be MR Ruff but they had to have proof they couldn’t just blame him. Meanwhile MR Ruff was having a horrible clean feeling so he went out found the biggest sack he could and tidied up the whole land. He was the lands hero MR Ruff thought let me be there hero today but tomorrow watch out.

by Benjamin P

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