the girl who belived

Once in an ordinary city not to far away lived a girl called freda. Freda so wanted to play like an ordinary child but she couldn't because she was the daughter of an old rockstar Ozzy Osbourne and where ever she went anywhere with her dad she didn't feel comfortable. and it wasn't as if she was pretty she took after her dad, she was small and skinny she had brown ,lank hair and gooseberry green eyes. but her mother adored her and promised her she was pretty in her eyes but now freda was nearly ten, she found it harder and harder to belive when one night freda stopped believing altogether and believed that she would never stop being known , that her dad would become more famous  by the day and that her mother was saying that to make her feel better and the next day her mother asked "why are you so quiet freda?" freda didn't awnser she thought if she did she would just go on at dad, well in her dreams  because her mum couldn't say boo to a goose it was dad who did that when he was in a bad mood and he is in a bad mood all the time then my mum asked dad " did you get that gig at worcester hun?" dad replied "  no but I should soon" then freda went to her room and sat down on the bed and wisperd to herself" why does dad hve to be famous? why does dad have to rant? because he knows I'm going to be a professonal women footballer " she was good at sport she could run realy fast she wasn't afraid of the ball like nancy miller in year 2  and yet he says (well shouts) "you can't be a footballer with your figure you'll break bones and Im not having that you can be anything you want just not a sports person" and then freda thinks you wouldn't even like me to be your daughter would you? 


to be continued

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