What our are core christian values ?

At Blue Coat School we have four Christian values. Can you guess what they are? Here are some clues to help you.

1. We show this value in different ways. It is all aroud the school. Some children are good at it but others are not. Can you guess what this value is?


2. In our school we have tokens to show it. We all care for each other also the staff. Can you guess it?


3. Every day in every way we are joyful and ready to learn. We show this value when we have achived something amazing. If you get an attendence, you will be....


4. In the infants we have toilet monitors who show this value.We are reliable for our own belongings. This school shows this value by taking care of their own things. Can you guess what this value is?


These core values, in our school, are very important to us. If you have shown any of these values please tell us in the comment box below. 

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