Respect all creatures

We are going to explain why we should respect all creatures including people and animals that we are going to tell you about.

Pony: We should respect these glorious ponies because they are great transport for a scenic day and they also put a lot of care into the ride.

rabbit : These cute animals need respect, love and care because they make nature life a happier place.

dog: respect these fluffy, bouncy creatures because they will make long, boring walks exciting, springy and fabulous and bring joy to your family.

people: people should be respected because they all put an extremely large amount of effort into everything they do whether it is good or bad.

donkeys: These really funny creatures should be respected because they carry a colossal load from place to place and are a great transport for long journeys.

Cats: These soft, gentle animals must be respected because they are a great blanket to keep your lap warm.



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