Drake's Adventures Part One: Departure

One fine but misty morning in Plymouth Harbour, Sir Francis Drake woke up to the sound of people rushing about the docks and provisioning the cargo hold of a warship. The name of that particular boat was The Pelican, which was Drake's very reliable, strong-hold galleon.

Sir Francis asked the bosun, "Now Master Giles what's in the hold, food, amunition, what?" "Exactly that Sir!" Giles eagerly replied "Amunition, food, gunpowder, tar to cover leaks, the lot!" "Well done, I'm really pleased, excellent!," said Francis "We're ready to leave, on board now!"

Sir Francis strolled over to the poop deck and inspected the Devil Guns with the master gunner beside him "Don't you think James, we have an exellent crew, a good-ish Cook and a Bosun that takes lots of dangerous risks". James took a long concerned sigh "Well actually Sir, the crew need more training, look". James pointed over to the target practice lesson "Tom hold your musket up higher!" BANG! "See they're slow to load and inaccurate!" "Oh... I see," Sir Francis said sadly. He walked away giving orders like-  "HAUL UP THE ANCHOR, WE'RE LEAVING! and "ALL HANDS ON DECK, CAPTAIN'S ORDERS!

To be Continued in Part Two 

By Ellis W

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