Joe Hart's magic goalie gloves

Joe Hart sprinted on to the misty pitch, while he got ready to play in goal he suddely noticed he had his new gloves on. Then the whistle blew it was as loud as a horn. Brazil started passing and dribbling past the fit defenders. Now it was just him and the attacker. Then the shot flew into the to corner.... surprisingly, he saved it!

Now he knew that his gloves were magic because he dident mean to dive into that corner! All his team mates were really proud of him.  Joe Hart took the goal kick. He passed it to the amazing deffender, Chris Smalling he passed it to Jack Wilshere then to the fantastic attacker Rooney and he smashed it in to the top corner. All his team mates were really really proud of him and now it was 1-0 and half time.

At half time they were all so excited that  they all jumped on Rooney!

It was the begining of the second time Joe hart was smileing while sprinting on to the green-covered pitch, this time his team were starting Rooney, the one who scored, started sprinting past the angry defences now it was just him and the goalie but before he could shoot the goalie snached the ball of him.  Then the final whistle blew, England had won!

Everyone crowded around excited Rooney and the crowd went wild. Then they got the gold trophy and the England sprayed water at themselves.  Joe hart was proud of himself because he had saved the amazing shot also he had a amazing dream about it. Five minutes later the manager had to choose man of the match he chose Joe Hart!

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