Lizzie's dream - Going For Goals

Lizzie looked around the tennis court, her heart was pounding fast underneath her top. This was her chance. The ball came flying towards her at a break-neck pace. Lizzie got ready in her position then took one last breath before her racket hit the ball. As the ball bounced back across the court Lizzie smiled a big triumphant smile.....

Suddenly Lizzie woke up, feeling suprised. Had that really just been a dream? If it was would it ever come true? Worried thoughts popped into her head. Would she ever achieve something so big or would she just end up old and alone?

The next day at school Lizzie just couldn't concentrate no matter what. When the teacher asked her a question Lizzie couldn't work out the answer and had to have her friend explain the answer to her.Then at play time her friends asked if she was alright she just burst into tears right before them.

To be continued... 

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 02 Jun 14 at 6:15pm | Quote this comment
Georgie, this is a fantastic piece of writing. I am so impressed at how good it is and at how well it was written in such a short space of time. Please continue it as I would love to find out more about Lizzie's adventures. :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Kane U on 03 Jun 14 at 12:55pm | Quote this comment
Georgie this is amazing :zzz
Comment 3 Comment by Henry C on 03 Jun 14 at 12:56pm | Quote this comment
my own sister!
oh my goodness.

Well done the two of you! :roll: :lol: :-)

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