At home I have been thinking about all the other people in stories.The people that nobody feels sorry for and that they might be being evil for a reason.I have writen it in their perspective.It is a series of stories about all the evil people in fairy tales.

This time I will be looking at ................

                      The Wicked fairy from Sleeping Beauty!!!

Well we should get this straight before we start. I am not as wicked as they say I am.I got the idea of killing their daughter...........I should start at the start. It all started when I was 5. You see the King, Queen and Fairies were never all that nice to me just because my parents were evil. Anyway from that moment on I vowed to myself that I would pay them back some day some how. So when their precious little baby was born and I was not invited to the big party for her because there wasn't enough plates. Because what a strange thing to say when they could not have invited someone else not me they know how angry I get. I had a simple marvolous way to get my revenge. I could kill their lonely little baby. But after I placed my gift for the little thing the annoyong buzzy thing had to come and place her gift 

" she won't die but she will fall into a deep sleep for 100s of years until a prince comes and saves her "ugh".It was all going to plan until the prince came with the annoying fairies.The faries had given him a sword and shield. I turned into a dragon because thats what I do.... I am a shape shifter. I hate the prince for what he did next. He slayed me and kissed the princess. Months later they got married and I wasn't invited to their wedding. I thought about killing their child when  they had one but I was dead so I couldn't.................for then!!!

Next time find out the history of

                   The Wicked stepmother from Snow White

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 02 Jun 14 at 1:14pm | Quote this comment
What a fabulous idea Olivia. Writing from someone else's perspective give you a different view of their role in the story doesn't it. I am looking forward to reading about the next Villain!

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