Overture of the Amazon

The children have over the past several weeks, planned, composed, rehearsed and finally performed an original composition inspired by the Amazon river. 

The class was split into five groups, each representing a different part of the river's journey.  The first movement represents the start of the river - the rain falling on the Andes, the spring splashing out of the ground.  The second group have captured the sounds of the stream-sized river as it splashes and hurries down the steep slopes.  Group three have tried to represent the river as it slows and meanders through the dark rainforest.  The mangrove swamps are next - can you hear the snakes and alligators swimming in the murky water?  Finally the river reaches the Atlantic Ocean and the piece ends with a large crash of waves or is it a shark snapping his mighty mouth shut?

I have been really impressed with how the children have approached the task and produced a whole piece that captures the river, the wildlife and the forest.  Well done Class Drake.

Please enjoy the video of the performance - it is quite a large download, so if it won't work try the direct link.





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Comment 1 Comment by Henry C on 23 May 14 at 6:38am | Quote this comment
i think you guys put allot of effort in that piece of music! :roll: :D :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Rachel Berry on 23 May 14 at 5:54pm | Quote this comment
That was smashing ! Well done everyone !
Comment 3 Comment by Georgia S on 25 May 14 at 9:20am | Quote this comment
I rill liked it because it souns like the amozen :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by jaidensingh on 25 May 14 at 2:22pm | Quote this comment
this was really good i was shock with jamies guitar playing.i loved the show :-)

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