wild witch

Amy, who was a trainee witch, looked at the incredible painting laid out before her. It was of a timid, baby tigeress stretching back in the glorious sunlight looking very relaxed.

After staring at it for sometime she decided she wanted to be there so summoning up all the magic inside her and she silently wished she could go there. All of a sudden the picture started moving! This startled Amy so much she jumped away from it with a glint of fear in her eye. Why was it moving? Had her magic really worked? Slowly she tried to touch the picture but her hand went straight through and appeared on the painting. Cautiously she lifted her foot and climbed into the photo. But just as she was doing so she noticed the name of the photograph.It was called Surprise!

Blurred thoughts went through her head. Did surprise mean something bad would happen? She was falling, falling like Alice down the rabbit hole! Suddenly she landed with a thump on top of a lion, who was getting ready to pounce on to the tigeress! Luckily when Amy landed on top of him it caught him offguard. After it had growled at her the lion sprinted away, scared she might hurt it!                                                                                        

To be continued...




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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 20 May 14 at 12:27pm | Quote this comment
This is a great start to what promises to be a very exciting adventure. :-)

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