Sam B presents Living in the jungle

  • As Sam approached the cheetah it gave a fierce vicious hiss!  His brother Archie, who was 8, was tracking down another cheetah for them to reunite together.   Their mum, who was 37, was cooking tea for the boys.  In mums spare time she would save animals from dying or getting badly injured in things like gushing, powerful waterfalls. That day they saved about 15 animals which was a bit unusual because they normally save about 7 a week, so for that result the boys got extra dessert. But strangely all the animals that they saved all had the same problem; they were either humbling from a bite in their leg or a nasty bite in their tummy. After that they spent the whole day trying to discover what was happening. Despite loads of animals in danger they were all on the search. After hours and hours of searching around the rainforest they finally bumped into each other at the same time and weirdly saw a gang of lions were attacking a Burmese tiger. One of the lions' mum bit the tiger in fright and instantly ran away in the bushes back to their home which was two miles away.

    As they got home, Sam went to the lab and started studying although they had very poor wi-fi because they were in the middle of nowhere. He checked on the website patiently and also checked in books. That night Sam was researching until 8am which meant that he did not get any sleep! Luckily, Mum and Archie offered to go without him and let him rest. So that was what they did. However, they did need Sam’s help. Meanwhile, a little boy called James bumped into a tree and as he did, 20 minutes later Mum and Archie discovered him. In addition, they had a medical bag and for the first time in forever, they used it to help James. After that they took him back to their house for him to keep warm. The next morning, Sam and Archie made friends with James and they also went fishing by the lake. They caught two salmon and two pike. Later that afternoon, they, including James, all saved three animals in total. Excitedly, Sam’s theory worked and they tried it on the lions the next day. So that proved that it was good that Sam had stayed up as there would have been a lot more injuries if he hadn’t. Suddenly, there was a massive timber, crackling noise and you will never guess what happened. Two animals died because of two dead trees falling down. They had to get the loggers in first, before they could get the animals out of the dirty place. It took a whole day to get that problem sorted but finally they finished late at night.

    James, who was 7, was extremely scared of the goings on in the Amazon, despite living on his own in there for two years. Sadly, James parents died in a clash with lions by trying to defend their home. Luckily, James escaped but his parents were not so lucky. When James told Sam’s family they all felt emotionally sad to hear what had happened and offered if James would like to live with them. James took their offer and said thanks. They lived happily until ……….

    Kapow! Boom! Whack! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!. Suddenly war came to the great forest. Bang! Bang! Bang! Everyone was in fright even the big howler monkeys who didn’t howl at all. Mum, who was shouting as loud as an opera, said duck under the tables and  that is what they did. 5 years on it was still going on in the rainforest but not as bad. The house was half destroyed and Mum’s treasures had gone from when she was kind. Mum started a petition ion the rainforest but the most important person to do the petition was Dick because he was the logger. The petition was about trees being cut down too much. Then she started a petition to stop the war in the forest because it was killing loads of animals. The main war commander was someone called Jamie.  Luckily Dick and Jamie signed the petition but sadly, there was only one signature on each so the trees and war did not stop. As time went on and war finally stopped, however logging down trees was still going on.

    As life went on people were starting to write petitions about loggers. The war finally ended but it had left a terrible mess and all the animals were in danger so that meant that James, Sam and Archie had another mission to solve............

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 22 May 14 at 9:08am | Quote this comment
This is an incredible piece of writing. I know how much effort you put into this Sam. I can't wait to read the next "mission" that your characters get involved in. :-)

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