James saves the day

Chapter 1: A close call

James Brickstown, a tall, funny boy, has a quest to save the rainforest.  He believes that logging should stop.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest James was silently travelling through the trees in order to find help and go home.  As if someone or something had heard him a sudden ear-deafening sound filled his ears.  As quietly as he could James, crawling across the flexible grass, scanned his surroundings to try and find out what had happened.

Straining his eyes James couldn't find anything.  Suddenly, jumping out of a bush, a Dart frog landed on his shoulder.  It made James so suprised that he yelled out a ear-aching scream.  He couldn't stop.  James's hair, all brown and smooth, stuck up like a brush! Croak, croak falling from the heavens a humungous tree rapidly fell down to the ground like a tower.

Chapter 2: meet Sam

James, lying face flat on the floor, was shaking.  James's heart was pounding so fast that he felt that he was going to burst!  James didn't like sudden incodents.  The Dart frog, sitting on the smooth stone, stayed cool. "I'm going to call you Sam".  Ribet, Sam croaked.

James's ears had heard something.  He wondered, whilst staring at the ground, why that tree fell down on the ground.  Maybe someone is with him maybe... he's right behind James! "BOO"! said Archie.  A cool small boy, called Archie, was right behind him. Ribet croaked Sam.  James, startled to death, didn't know how on earth he was with him.  Archie explained to James got there.  Archie, after a long tiring journey, was breathless and he couldn't run or jog.  Archie asked James what he was doing here.  Suddenly, asif there was a fire, Sam croaked a loud croak.  A helpless, fine oak tree fell down right on James's leg. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH" he screeched.  Archie heard a noise in addition to hearing a voice.

Chapter 3: Revenge needed

Suddenly a man appeared from the bushes.  A young man, looking really guilty, saw James and ran over to him.  The man introduced himself.  He was called Dick.  Dick told the boys, and Sam the huge Dart frog, that he worked for a company called Molly's logs.  Dick told them that his manager was planning to destroy the rainforest.  Dick also said that Molly's rich and he meant really rich.  "She's going to destroy the rainforest"!  James's bruised leg hurt so much that he screamed.  James didn't like injuries all the cuts and bruises tempting to scratch.  Dick, nearly crying, went behind the bush and grabbed a first aid kit.  Ribet Ribet croaked Sam.  Dick slowly and carefully put a plaster on James's leg.

Chapter 4 Thanks Dick

James suddenly, using his ears, heard someone shouting. "Dick" someone shouted.  Dick replied angrily.  James's leg still ached.  Archie, walking away from everyone else, was worried about loggers cutting down lovely trees.  He didn't like the rainforest to be destroyed; the planet would be horrid.  Ribet croaked Sam.  James told Dick, very sternly, that he shouldn't be a logger.  Archie looked up to the fluffy green trees.  The humungous trees, looming above them, gave shade.  James's leg, resting on a tree stump was looking better.  Archie thought if the rainforest would be okay?

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 20 May 14 at 12:23pm | Quote this comment
This is a fantastic story, Jamie. I am looking forward to reading the next chapter. :-)

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