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Once in the Victorian times their lived a man called Dan. Dan was a palaeontologist which means somebody who looks and finds out more about dinosaur bones.

One day Dan was going to work and he heard a deafening scream. He turned around to find his work mate holding a hand full of dirt and in that dirt was a giant bone. " Wow , even I couldn't find that thing" exclaimed Dan. "I know" said Harry ( his work mate)." Come on , lets go and tell boss Edward"shouted Dan and away they sprinted.

When they got to work , they signed in and ran to tell Edward the good news. But when they got there they opened the midnight black door to find a note.

Dear reader,

                 I have run away to get a life. Whoever reads this note is likely to of found the giant giantosaurus bone. If you have it is the last piece to our giantosaurus collection. You must now take my place in leadership and place and glue our spectactular collection together. Good luck, you'll need it.

From Edward


How would you like this story to end?

A. They glue it together and create the first giantosaurus that has been constructed from excavated bones.

B. They construsted the dinosaur, only to find a missing piece so it all falls down.

C. Do you have a different idea for the conclusion to this blog? If so please put your suggestion in the comment box.

Please put your answer in the comment box.


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Comment 1 Comment by Katie T on 23 Mar 14 at 2:58pm | Quote this comment
:-* i think c: They make the first Giantosaurus then find boss edwards and he makes them the new bosses :eek:
Comment 2 Comment by Jennifer W on 27 Mar 14 at 12:52pm | Quote this comment
i agree with katie it would add a good twist

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