Reciprodon - A Learning Powered Dinosaur

We have writen about some imaginary dinosaurs to help us build our learning power. The reciprodon is to help us with our reciprocity.

Appearence: The Reciprodon had blood-red, flexible wings and strong, smooth skin. It had no teeth at all. This pterosaur had a long, stripy crest on the back of its large, pointy head. It had a short, stubby tail between its two, small legs.

Diet: This blood-red creature was a pescatarian because it swallowed fish whole. It could catch about five fish in its mouth every time in one go. This amazing, flying beast was very fiesty when it came to shareing food. It only shared food with its young.

Characteristics: These big, mighty pterosauruses always kept in packs and worked together, being reciprocal. They hunted, slept and travelled together. They would never have left a member of their pack alone; not even if it meant putting their own lives at risk.

Habitat: Reciprodons would never leave their home at night unless other dinosaurs were near. They lived at the top of mountains where they would make nests. They only left the mountain when they were about to give birth. When this happened they would travel to their Feeding grounds where they would have a place to put the eggs.

Family: These air-born creatures are the ancestors of eagles and falcons. They were a very loyal and protective to the family and would SERVE the pack until the end. If a member of the pack died then every member of the pack who was old enough would eat less for a whole month.




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