The Resiliosaurus - A Learning Powered Dinosaur

 The Resiliosaurus was resilient because it kept on trying to get its food if it couldn' quite get it. It never stopped walking to get the best plant possible and travelled in packs while migrating. This big creature lived in what is now North America and in Africa seeking shelter under palm trees.

It was an omnivore so it ate meat, plants and anything it could get its clumpy feet on. The Resiliosauruses had long necks, small heads and a long tail. Their teeth were flat, like our molars, and their feet had soft padding on the bottom to avoid getting hurt by nettles or any other sharp plants.

This astonishing creature was 10 metres tall, 5 metres long and it weighed half of a blue whale.

This historical creature showed its resilience because it kept on trying to get leftover carcasses of other creatures as well as plants and insects.

The Resiliosaurus never stopped working; never gave up looking for water and if it got hurt in battle it would keep on going to SERVE his pack. Its biggest fear was the T-Rex but it used its tail as a weapon against other dinosaurs.

If it was looking for food it wouldn't get distracted by other dinosaurs trying to get him; he would just keep on going to find his target! Another way it was Resilient was when it had fallen over it would be determined to carry on...His long, pointy tail swept him up if he fell over (unlike other dinosaurs). If he started a battle he would just whack his astonishing tail in other dinosaurs faces. His tail was his golden weapon, and no other dinosaur could defeat the beast! Although he did have a weakness. If another dinosaur touched his eyes them he would pass out... Another power he had was his RESILIENCE!






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